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In 1975 a group of English university tutors, teachers and managers from Oxford and London formed an independent English language teaching research organisation - the English Language Foundation.

The English Language Foundation evolved into the Centre for Advanced Studies, an English teaching centre accredited by the Oxford University Delegacy of Local Examinations.


The English Language Development Programme provides courses for commerce, business, management, communication, science and technology, which combine work experience with academic disciplines for companies, organisations, groups and individuals. The Euroversity Faculty at the Centre For Advanced Studies generates the course material.

As commissioners of University Language Teaching Centres, and in close association with University Departments of Continuing Education, the CAS and the ELDP can prepare students for:

List The Oxford University Certificates of English as a Foreign Language
List The London Chamber of Commerce Certificates
List Cambridge First and Proficiency Certificates
List Certificates of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The English Language Development Programme provides the Euroversity Seminars: English language courses for commerce, business, education, management, communication, science, technology, and other professional areas.

As commissioners of university language teaching centres, and in close association with university departments of continuing education, the Euroversity Operations Centre provides course programmes which combine work experience with academic disciplines. The programmes were accredited by The University of Oxford Local Examination Delegacy as The Centre For Advanced Studies, in 1976.

In 1992, The Centre For Advanced Studies became the Euroversity Operations Centre, guided by an Academic Advisory Council and a Charter of Declarations. The Euroversity Operations Centre is associated with European and international university project groups. Our course programmes in England take place in the facilities of Oxford University.

The Euroversity Operations Centre partners universities, colleges, and language schools as an independent educational facility: an academic consultancy which provides professional development training for universities, organisations, companies, groups, and individuals.

To contact us, write to:

The Euroversity Operations Centre
The Malthouse
Queen Street
OX29 4JD

Call +44 1865 883012 or fax +44 1865 464215

Email info@oxfordenglish.net

Courses run throughout the year in continental Europe and Oxford, England. The Centre has co-ordination offices in England and other European countries, and is guided by an Academic Advisory Council.