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This page is about legal and copyright issues at the ELDP. It's about our intentions, duties, and copyright, and your expectations, rights, and privacy.


When you click the button to send an email enquiry to us, your internet browser will normally send your details, as an email, exactly as you wrote them.

To help minimise the risk of email viruses and prevent fraud, we don't keep, or use, an electronic address book, and nothing will be emailed to you except a reply.

Information you choose to give us is regulated by the Data Protection Act 1998. We don't use your details to promote products, advertise services, or send you internet newsletters. And we don't sell them to other companies.


As commissioners of university language teaching centres, and in close association with university departments of continuing education, the Euroversity Operations Centre provides course programmes which combine work experience with academic disciplines. The Centre was accredited by The University of Oxford Local Examination Delegacy as The Centre For Advanced Studies, in 1976.

In 1992, The Centre For Advanced Studies became the Euroversity Operations Centre, guided by an Academic Advisory Council and a Charter of Declarations. The Euroversity Operations Centre is associated with European and international university project groups. Our course programmes in England take place in the facilities of Oxford University.

The Euroversity Operations Centre partners universities, colleges, and language schools as an independent educational facility: an academic consultancy which provides professional development training for universities, organisations, companies, groups, and individuals.


The English Language Development Programme provides the Euroversity Seminars: English language courses for commerce, business, education, management, communication, science, technology, and other professional areas.

The ELDP is committed to innovation, development and educational excellence, so courses will be described in forward-looking language. However, as we depend on people, the product, content, and services may differ from any description or explanation.

Although the ELDP project and course content are checked carefully, it is quite impossible for us to be sure that every detail is correct. So no responsibility can be accepted for any omissions or mistakes, or damage or loss resulting from them.

The course content may express some lifestyle views and values which are different from your own. Remember, they have been chosen to help you learn English, and do not necessarily represent the attitudes or opinions of anyone connected with the courses.

The images are not intended to mis-represent any part of any real person's life. If you feel that we have used your picture in a way that displeases you, please contact us. However, it's worth saying:

A parody is a new copyrightable work, based on a previous copyrightable work, that uses the minimum likeness necessary to illustrate a social commentary without damaging the original.

Although English is the international language, we are not suggesting that it is better than other languages. It is very important to use and value your own language.


Although the ELDP project and course content are checked carefully, it is quite impossible for us to be sure that every detail is correct. So no responsibility can be accepted for any omissions or mistakes, or damage or loss resulting from them. By accepting a course you have agreed that any disputes will be resolved under English law, in England.


The product, content, and services use, and work with, people, information, and technologies from a number of companies, whose copyright is acknowledged and respected.


A lot of expertise goes into creating the ELDP internet pages. As with all original material, they are protected by copyright, so please respect our commitment to you and keep them for your personal use.

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